Enigmas Publishing is a brand new publishing house aiming to bring you the best of modern easy-read fiction – starting with the launch of its brand new, red hot mystery thriller Fatal Redemption.

Introducing readers worldwide to the mesmerising Sally Will, one of the most captivating heroines of modern adult fiction, Fatal Redemption is the first in a brand new series of mystery thrillers for discerning devotees of the genre, authored by the unique American-British writing partnership of double Pulitzer Prize winner Lou Kilzer and Mark Boyden.

Sally Will is the heroine many young woman would love to be – edgy and sensual, a journalist with a steely focus and complexities she must fight through to win at her chosen game. The game is ‘Get the truth of the story out at all costs’. Operating in a world, heavily laden with testosterone, Sally fights her corner with an independent and intelligent intensity that leaves many men breathless in her wake.

Yes, you’ll love it! But don’t just take our word for it. Try a taster before you buy. Simply download the first four chapters of Fatal Redemption for free HERE and see how it grabs you. Then if it does, come back in July and BUY IT HERE.

We are writing the second in the series now. We invite you to write in and let us know what you think of Fatal Redemption! At Enigmas Publishing, we understand that you may like to get involved and potentially influence what your hero and heroine get up to. So we would be more than glad to hear from you as we develop the plots for books two, three and beyond in the series.

BUT IT DOESN’T END THERE. We are in the business of also pioneering ‘thriller tourism’. You as the reader will be able ‘live’ the stories you read, by travelling to the places in our books. You will experience first-hand how these locations and venues feel and get a first hand experience of the moments we describe in the books.

Over the years we will aim to bring you a variety of works, most to entertain but some also to spread skills and understanding.

OUR PROMISE is that we will always listen. Even if we can’t always reply in person,we will share the common themes coming through your messages.

So take care, keep in touch and let’s all get a kick out of giving you what you enjoy!

Mark Boyden,
Managing Director, Enigmas Publishing