Fatal Redemption is the first in a brand new series of mystery thrillers for discerning devotees of the genre, authored by the unique American-British writing partnership of double Pulitzer Prize winner Lou Kilzer and Mark Boyden.


Lou Kilzer

Son of a rodeo operator and Wyoming school superintendent, Lou graduated cum laude in philosophy from Yale, has won two Pulitzer Prizes, and has authored two books on World War II history, for one of which he spent some time in Moscow. For a while, he was editor-in-chief of the JoongAng Daily in Seoul, South Korea, published with the International New York Times. Lou spent several years as an investigative reporter, both at the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post. He and his wife have recently returned to live in Colorado.

Mark Boyden
Managing Director & Co-Author

 Mark is an international business consultant, working in Europe, USA, South America, the Middle East and Far East. He honed a passion for writing in the hallowed halls of the Denver Press Club in the mid 1990s where he met Lou Kilzer. He moved from writing articles and a regular column for Marketing Journal Magazine to, with Lou, writing fiction: first a screenplay and then Fatal Redemption. Mark now lives back in England, working with Lou on the sequel - and still travelling extensively, including to North America.