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Who is Sally Will?

Sally Will has an obsession that trumps all else - to become the world's premier journalist. A young and radiant Rocky Mountain correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, she's on a mission. And no promise of love or threat of danger can get in her way...except a man of unfathomable evil known as Mr. Wood.

Mr. Wood has an overwhelming desire to kill - to become the world's superlative serial assassin. In this, he is as obsessed as Sally Will. The two are destined to clash. Caught in between is Sally's lover, FBI-man-turned-private-investigator, Lou Elliott.

Fatal Redemption is a thrilling roller coaster ride into the dark underworlds of two continents. But when East clashes with West, it is not at all clear who are the good guys and who are the bad. The pace starts out hard and pounding and keeps accelerating until the two sides round corners and face each other head on. Fatal Redemption is also a tale of detection...as Sally and Lou race to unmask Mr. Wood. Before there is a resolution, the life of a US President will hang in the balance.

Fatal Redemption, the Sally Will series

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