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Travelling to Costa Rica tomorrow, to work with Lou on the sequel. Rainy season they tell me, so vodka under cover, looking out at the rain and trying to keep the keyboard dry!

Lou has been out there for the last six months, so it will be good to work together in person rather than over email and the telephone. We will be in the North of the country, on the Caribbean side.

We are now hearing from Fatal Redemption readers, telling us what they liked and what they want more of…so please keep in touch! We will play with all ideas as we press on with the new book.

It’s already taken off at a hell of a pace! Katya is back to torment Sally and Lou. We have a third country now in the mix alongside the US and Russia.

The premise is different from Fatal Redemption, but the pulsing pace the same. We get much more inside the heads of Sally and Lou as they work to uncover a plot and solve the mystery.

The idea is to write 4 or 5 hours a day and then dive and explore for the rest of the time.

They tell me that the second most wonderful reef after the Great Barrier in Australia is in Belize! It’s a couple of countries North, but a relatively short hop on a plane, so that looks attractive.

Writing and diving is a balance I love. – Mark x

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Now it’s your turn to solve the mystery…


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