“This is a very complicated novel with a lot moving parts and characters. In the beginning it’s a bit overwhelming and a lot to keep track of, but as the story progresses everything falls into place. The characters are so well developed that in one chapter you love them, in the next you hate them and by the middle of the novel, you’re not sure who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, this keeps the book fresh and interesting and spurs the reader on.


Mr. Wood is killing people, initially just for the thrill of it, then for money. Sally Will is an investigative reporter and she’s hot on his trail, so she thinks… She enlists the help of her boyfriend, Lou Elliot, a private eye, to help her discover who this hit man is and who hired him. Just when she thinks she’s got the foe nailed down, the tables turn on her.


I haven’t read a thriller/suspense with this many twists and turns in a very long time. I’ve read a lot of thriller/suspense novels that bridge the gap between homeland crime and international crime, often things are lost in translation, not the case with this well written novel, the authors do a fantastic job of combining the two and creating a complicated story that’s hard to put down.


I did feel the ending was a bit rushed (even though there was an epilogue, which I loved) and that feeling was exasperated by editing errors that were not in the beginning and middle of the novel. However don’t let that deter you; it was fantastic read that you won’t regret picking up.” M.A.Stanley


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