Top reviewer at Amazon loves ‘Fatal Redemption’

“The question arises, how can two men write the same novel? Yes, it has been done before and quite successfully, but Lou Kilzer and Mark Boyden have the potion to make an intrigue novel sizzle. Lou received a BA cum laude in philosophy from Yale in 1973, and proceeded to become a journalist with many awards including two Pulitzer prizes to his credit. . He entered the newspaper business beginning in Colorado, and continued in successive positions around the United States and the world. He’s won over a dozen of the top journalism awards in the U.S., including two Pulitzer Prizes. Mark is an international business consultant working in Europe, USA, South America, the Middle and Far East. He honed a passion for writing in the hallowed halls of the Denver Press Club in the mid 1990s where he met Lou Kilzer – the rest is literary history: Lou lives in Costa Rica and Mark lives in England, but they join in writing high quality novels and screenplays. He moved from writing articles and a regular column for Marketing Journal magazine to, with Lou, writing fiction – the Sally Will Series featuring the heroine Sally Will, a beautiful but flawed investigative journalist.


But the proof is in the writing, and the Prologue to this novel is a stunner, setting the tone for everything that follows. It deserves space in an introduction to these writers: `Mr. Wood cut his lights and aimed the SUV down the last one hundred yards of rutted blacktop. He stopped near a junkyard fence, got out, stretched, lit a cigarette. Considered. It was 3 a.m. in Commerce City, a north Denver suburb unknown to any tourist map. A nearby rendering plant that baked cattle blood down to fertilizer was belching vapor. The air was thick, Every time he came here Mr. Wood thought he was going to puke.’ etc. They have us in a place where only creepy things can happen and they do.


The authors’ brief synopsis states `Sally Will, a young, Denver-based reporter who smokes black cigars, fights panic attacks and too frequently succumbs to an urge to gamble. Together with her lover – ex-FBI man turned private eye Lou Elliott -they attempt to track down a man known only as “Mr. Wood,” a typical man with an ordinary background who has an extraordinary ambition: He wants to be the world’s most famous and feared hitman. Before he’s done, no one is safe: protected federal witnesses, American and Russian mob bosses and even the President of the United States. It all begins late one night on a lonely street in Commerce City, Colorado, as Mr. Wood takes aim at a lowly 300-pound biker named Bow Hendricks…’


Try to leave it there…not possible. This is one of the toughest, smartest, most terrifying and well-conceived forays in the dark underworlds of two continents. Crime, intrigue, romance, passion, political shenanigans fill this superb book – and that is nothing to say about Sally Will, the lead character who it looks like will be around in subsequent novels. Stand aside Lee Child, Tom Clancy, and Ian Fleming. Here is a new take on intrigue!” Grady Harp 2015


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